Visiting India?

This is a place which will be there on the list of all frequent travellers. Visiting India is like visiting different countries. Why? India is a country quite different from other countries due to the fact that each state seems to be very different from other states. If you move from any northern region to any southern state, then everything is changed. The food, the culture, the attires everything is different. So visiting India gives you a feel of visiting different countries.


A new day

Time just flies like birds. Shoot it before they are gone

Today’s catch


Today’s clicks

It was raining heavily in our area and I couldn’t spend much time taking pictures. Few pictures I got and I am sharing it here.DSC_0459.JPG

Usually squirrels run away if they find anyone near by. But this squirrel was so much into his food that it forgot to run away 🙂

Birds from garden

Bird watching is my hobby. We have a small garden at my home and  lot of birds come there to eat small fruits and flowers in the garden. I try to take pictures of those birds when I am home. Its a pleasure to watch them hanging around trees and I really enjoy taking pictures of these birds. Here are few pictures which I took recently.